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School Lockdown

An incident occurred today near several schools in my district.  Here is a news story, for details.  I would have been clueless about this incident to this moment, if I hadn’t visited the district website looking for some calendar information.  I think that I am mostly OK with that, but also a little peeved.

Here is a Facebook post that the district released after the guy was caught and the schools were taken off of lockdown status.  The vast majority of respondents thanked the district for handling the situation so well.  Many complained that parents were not notified while it was happening.

Deep down I think that they handled the situation well.  If they had notified parents right away, the streets around the area would have become clogged.  This situation had a very quick turn around.  I think that at some point it would be necessary to notify parents immediately, but I’m not sure what circumstances would make that needed.

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