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Top Travel Picks

In response to The Wanderer.

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.

© Samuele Gallini / Dollar Photo Club #1 – Italy, especially Rome.

There’s so much history there.  Being from the US, I’ve always been impressed with places that have such a long term history.  Take the Roman Forum for example, a collection of Roman empire government buildings that began in the 7th century BC.

Then move on to the Colosseum, completed in 80 AD. To think of the size and grandeur of a building so long before technology was invented to aid in construction – it blows my mind.

© Anton Holmquist Soasta

#2 – Sweden.

I have Swedish ancestry from both of my parents and would love to see the places they lived.  Most Swedish parishes are known for their extensive genealogical records, so I would love to get my hands on some of those.  It is also a beautiful country with a ton of history.  I would visit Lund University just to see their glorious library, built in 1666.

© p a w e l / Dollar Photo Club

#3 – Australian Gold Coast.

Beautiful white sand beaches, sunshine, water sports, watching the surfers and maybe dabbling with a board myself.  Count me in!

This would need to be a long vacations because I would also head to the Outback, maybe Mount Isa since it would be nearby.

© Catmando / Dollar Photo Club

#4 – Alaska – to go whale watching!

Beautiful creatures of the deep.  Here we see the humpback whale, but I’ve read that more and more blue whales are being spotted up there, especially in the Bering Sea.  Imagine a creature twice the size of the one shown here.  Amazing!

© Carsten.nebel#5 – Mount Everest.

I love the mountains.  Imagine all of the wonderful motorcycle rides you could take near this big beauty.  Another fun thing would be to go paragliding or hot air ballooning over the mountains and enjoy the wondrous sights.

I’ve never had food from the region, but I’m sure I would love to try it. I love other oriental food.