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Opportunity for Truth

This is intended to be a discussion, so please comment.

If you have lied, even if by omission, would you take an opportunity to fess up? I’m not talking about little lies.  I’m talking about life changing lies.

More to follow,  hopefully later today.

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Show Me Some ID – Complaining Parent

I believe parents should never complain when school staff ask to see their ID.  It is for the safety of the kids.  Please read to the end for the kicker!

When I picked up my son from after school care, I witnessed an incident with parent who gives other parents a bad name with school staff.  If none of the staff in the room recognize you in association with the kid you’re trying to pick up – you MUST show ID.  And then they check the authorized pick up list for that child against the ID you show.  Very good policy.

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This doesn’t seem to be a problem for most because even if they didn’t bring it in with them, they have it in their car.  Afterall, you need it in order to drive!

Well, it was a problem for this guy.  He kept saying that he’d been there 20 times and different staff were in the room every time.  Ummm, I’m there almost every day and there’s a handful of staff who are almost always there.

Then the guy went out to get an older sibling to vouch for him.  When that didn’t work, he started to call someone who could vouch for him.  And when that didn’t work, he started complaining about how there’s always different staff and how some other school always had the same person in the parent pickup room.

He never once took responsibility for the fact that he was the one driving without a license and trying to pick up the kids without ID.

And get this, I was there through the whole thing because I was waiting for staff to get me some information.  After the guy left, I apologized on the behalf of all good parents.  She said, “He’s not even the parent, he’s a boyfriend.”

OMG.  Really?