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The Worst?

In response to Worst Case Scenario.

Here’s my internal dialog from when I first read this prompt.

  • The worst? God, death of husband, death of kids, death of mom or dad, death, death, death.
  • Why would they ask me for the worst thing that could happen.
  • No – I don’t want to think about the worst.
  • And why is “Now, what about the best?” tagged on as an afterthought?
  • God, we live in such a negative society.

25747_1302760882311_8054805_nI can’t really think about the worst that could happen to me today because that could bring me down too easily.  What we focus on the most is what we tend to bring about.  So I’ll not go down that road!

So what is the best thing that could happen to me today?  There are so many opportunities.  We are going to the race track to watch the local crowd try their hand at drag racing.  This will be my first time there for this monthly event during the warmer months.  We are also taking the boys, their first time too.  So the best thing would be that we all have fun at the track.  And who knows, maybe hubby will drag race his Concors 14 tonight.

I don’t have high expectations so that means I’m usually pleasantly surprised.

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