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He Pulled the Race Card

I’m speechless. I’m purple bubble and a black man gray bubbles. I’ve had serious relationships with black men. But this man has terrible grammar (there were 3 messages above the 1st one displayed here) and spelling, which was the first thing that turned me off. Add to that – he’s very religious.

I’m going to block him because he keeps sending me insults. What a crazy!



19% Match / 83% Enemy

Came across a guy on Ok Cupid with these abysmal match percentages. Being the curious person that I am, I decided to take a look. His self summary:

hello all im a devorced guy very easy going i like to have fun when i can hang out

Besides the horrible spelling and punctuation, we had a lot of red (meaning incorrect) answers in the question section.  Some of them were the ones that were very important to me, that gauge how accepting a person is of differences.

Guess I won’t be contacting him!

Dating Site Mail

Yes, I’m back on dating sites, so prepare for some humor.  Such as these first contacts from the site mail (unedited).  I did not respond to any of them, but for your entertainment, here is what I might have said if I had (in bold violet text).

  • Hello your very sexy
    You’re very bad with understanding the difference between “your” (indicating ownership) and “you’re” (contraction for you are).
  • Hi angel,feel like getting to know you
    I’m sorry, you must be messaging the wrong girl.  #1 – my name is not Angel.  #2 – I don’t believe in angels because I’m an atheist.
  • You have got a wonderful breath taken smile on your profile picture .. tell me how old is it and where was it taken ? hope you are having a wonderful day ?
    Ummm, you mean breath taking – perhaps?  And why do you want to know how old it is?  Are you doing a bad job of casually checking to see if I’ve posted an old picture?  And why do you want to know where it was taken?  Are you going to stalk me?
  • Hey
    I got nothing.
  • Feeling frisky today?
    Well if I were, I wouldn’t share that info with a stranger from a dating site.


So, I had one date and a not-so-much of a date with a fun guy who rides a sport bike.  We had a lot of fun texting and talking before our 2nd “not-so-much” of a date.  During our 2nd meeting I discovered how unavailable he intended to be.

That was about a month ago and I haven’t contacted him since then.  Then I suddenly get a “HI” text from him this morning.  He sent me 3 texts and I replied to each of them and haven’t heard from him since about 9:30 this morning.

Hmmm, makes me wonder!  What game is he playing with me?



I am a firm believer that trust is earned. Therefore – you cannot truly trust a person with whom you’ve only exchanged a handful of messages online and have never even had a phone conversation.

But that is exactly what a man expected of me on a dating site.  I very clearly stated on my profile that I do background checks on a person before I meet him.  This guy must have thought I was joking because when I suggested we meet and I asked for his last name – he told me goodbye. He said trust is important to him.

It was quite mind boggling.


Almost started dating a married man, who happens to be a sex offender.  But I used my handy dandy subscription to Instant Checkmate to look up his name. No one listed for that name, but we had been texting so I looked him up by his phone number.  He tried to tell me that the text with his last name didn’t come through correctly.  I decided to do a “premium” report on him for an extra $19.99 because of the inconsistencies.  That is when I discovered he had a sexual misconduct of the 1st degree when he was 19, against a 12 yr old girl.  Right about that time he admitted he is married and said he’d leave me alone.

This totally freaked me out.  I’ve been crying on & off for the past hour.  Blocked him on my cell, on the dating site, and sent the dating site the info that he is married and a sex offender.  Funny how he’s not all smiles and cute in his picture for the sex offender record.