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He Pulled the Race Card

I’m speechless. I’m purple bubble and a black man gray bubbles. I’ve had serious relationships with black men. But this man has terrible grammar (there were 3 messages above the 1st one displayed here) and spelling, which was the first thing that turned me off. Add to that – he’s very religious.

I’m going to block him because he keeps sending me insults. What a crazy!


19% Match / 83% Enemy

Came across a guy on Ok Cupid with these abysmal match percentages. Being the curious person that I am, I decided to take a look. His self summary:

hello all im a devorced guy very easy going i like to have fun when i can hang out

Besides the horrible spelling and punctuation, we had a lot of red (meaning incorrect) answers in the question section.  Some of them were the ones that were very important to me, that gauge how accepting a person is of differences.

Guess I won’t be contacting him!

Dating Site Mail

Yes, I’m back on dating sites, so prepare for some humor.  Such as these first contacts from the site mail (unedited).  I did not respond to any of them, but for your entertainment, here is what I might have said if I had (in bold violet text).

  • Hello your very sexy
    You’re very bad with understanding the difference between “your” (indicating ownership) and “you’re” (contraction for you are).
  • Hi angel,feel like getting to know you
    I’m sorry, you must be messaging the wrong girl.  #1 – my name is not Angel.  #2 – I don’t believe in angels because I’m an atheist.
  • You have got a wonderful breath taken smile on your profile picture .. tell me how old is it and where was it taken ? hope you are having a wonderful day ?
    Ummm, you mean breath taking – perhaps?  And why do you want to know how old it is?  Are you doing a bad job of casually checking to see if I’ve posted an old picture?  And why do you want to know where it was taken?  Are you going to stalk me?
  • Hey
    I got nothing.
  • Feeling frisky today?
    Well if I were, I wouldn’t share that info with a stranger from a dating site.


So, I had one date and a not-so-much of a date with a fun guy who rides a sport bike.  We had a lot of fun texting and talking before our 2nd “not-so-much” of a date.  During our 2nd meeting I discovered how unavailable he intended to be.

That was about a month ago and I haven’t contacted him since then.  Then I suddenly get a “HI” text from him this morning.  He sent me 3 texts and I replied to each of them and haven’t heard from him since about 9:30 this morning.

Hmmm, makes me wonder!  What game is he playing with me?



I am a firm believer that trust is earned. Therefore – you cannot truly trust a person with whom you’ve only exchanged a handful of messages online and have never even had a phone conversation.

But that is exactly what a man expected of me on a dating site.  I very clearly stated on my profile that I do background checks on a person before I meet him.  This guy must have thought I was joking because when I suggested we meet and I asked for his last name – he told me goodbye. He said trust is important to him.

It was quite mind boggling.


Almost started dating a married man, who happens to be a sex offender.  But I used my handy dandy subscription to Instant Checkmate to look up his name. No one listed for that name, but we had been texting so I looked him up by his phone number.  He tried to tell me that the text with his last name didn’t come through correctly.  I decided to do a “premium” report on him for an extra $19.99 because of the inconsistencies.  That is when I discovered he had a sexual misconduct of the 1st degree when he was 19, against a 12 yr old girl.  Right about that time he admitted he is married and said he’d leave me alone.

This totally freaked me out.  I’ve been crying on & off for the past hour.  Blocked him on my cell, on the dating site, and sent the dating site the info that he is married and a sex offender.  Funny how he’s not all smiles and cute in his picture for the sex offender record.


Not a Reflection on Me

I joined Zoosk a few days ago.  It is an interesting site and has some nice features.  Also has some irritating lack of filtering, such as can’t say I don’t want to see smokers.  After a few days on the site, users can access “Insights” to see who likes them, who they like, and dating style.

I believe that this information is gathered casually based on who the user views and interacts with.  But I must make it clear that the section detailing “entertainment” tastes on who I like is not a reflection of my tastes, but rather the lack of imagination of the typical American male.  I am totally not into AC/DC!  I very mildly enjoy Pink Floyd.  NOT – I repeat – NOT into NFL.  Enjoy an occasional Card’s game, but not on TV and mostly for the people watching aspect.

Now I’ve Seen it All

Online dating profile says

This is who I’m looking for: A MENSA card in your pocket a body like a Barbie Doll, no older than me, at least a bachelor’s degree (unless you’re a RN, then an associates is fine), financially secure, your own home, no dogs but must love mine, no bratty children, sober and drug free, subservient like Edith Bunker and most importantly, a sense of humor.

One more thing… If you’re bipolar or have any other imbalance and you frequently forget to take your medication, no thanks.

Wow.  And he is sooooo not all that!