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They Know

Saw the neighbors outside this morning and they came over to chat.  The ex and I are not “friends” with either of them, but we’re friendly and chat from time to time.  They’ve always been interested in my boys, so I was catching them up on some of the things the boys have done recently.

Then the man said that either him or his wife would come over to help with anything I needed, which is not a surprise.  That is just how they are, friendly and helpful. I was very surprised that he said he noticed that I do a LOT with the kids, the pets, and the house that my ex did not participate in.  I knew that the wife feels that way, because we’ve talked about it before.  He went on that they think very highly of me and my affect on the boys.

Wow!  It is nice that I’m not the only one thinking that more could have been done on the part of my ex.  I know that family members know this – from both sides actually.  But I didn’t know that a man, who is not a father himself, would notice from a neighborly distance.

It was like a bit of validation.

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