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Disappointed in Humanity

I am deeply disappointed in humanity these days. Many of us are, from both sides of the political divide, from many different religions and denominations, from those who claim non-religious spirituality, all the way to those who claim to be non religious.  People of a wide variety of colors are all disappointed in humanity.

We have daily violence against minorities, LGBTQi, police. This is sickening.


One thing that disappoints me just as much as that, is the attitude that some have that their solution is the only answer. The one that bothers me the most is the attitude that we need Jesus.

I don’t need Jesus. I don’t need god. What I need is the ability to self reflect, admit to areas where I struggle, learn from my mistakes, and learn to accept differences in others WITHOUT trying to change them. This is called Self Awareness and would go a LONG way towards creating peace in the world.

Good without god.  BUT – if you need god or Jesus to be good – I’m OK with that. I will protect your religious rights so long as it does not infringe on my rights to be non-religious.


Atheist Fact for the Day: We Give

Some conservative religious organizations would like everyone to believe that they are the only charitable people and that charitable giving would dramatically decline if religion falls. Simply not true. Heck, this site would have you believe that atheists do not understand love. Ummm, yeah.

Ok, I’m showing my irritation and I need to get back on track.

Foundation Beyond Belief

On the Foundation Beyond Belief About page, you will learn that their Humanist Giving program selects five charitable organizations based on “impact and efficiency, our featured beneficiaries are secular organizations with the exception of Challenge the Gap, which features non-proselytizing organizations based in other worldviews.”

Foundation Beyond Belief has three other categories, including Beyond Belief Network, Humanist Disaster Recovery Network, and Humanist Service Corps.

Richard Dawkins Foundation

On the About Us Page, you will learn that the primary focus of the foundation is to eliminate the negative impact of religious influence on science education. In order to do this, the foundation partners with other secular organizations to:

  • Encourage and support non-believers to be openly secular.
  • Eliminate discrimination against non-believers.
  • Provide educational support for middle school teachers on the topic of evolution.
  • Raise disaster relief funds from secular communities.
  • Provide support for clergy who no longer hold supernatural beliefs.