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Online Dating Sucks!

This is yet another attempt at therapeutic writing. I really feel like I was the victim of false advertising. Here’s how it went down:

  1. See good looking guy’s profile and like how funny and intelligent he seems.
  2. Meet guy and have a great time for a couple of weeks.
  3. Learn guy has some medical issues that he’s in the process of fixing, but doesn’t want to spend time when he’s not feeling good.
  4. Be patient with guy, while he’s going through this process.
  5. Learn that guy has a hard time being the guy he presents on his profile.  WTF – then change your profile to who you are NOW.  Fuck wit!
  6. Go through a range of emotions deciding whether or not to continue with guy and decide not to.
  7. See that guy is still looking, but not on the site that you met him through.  Hmmmm, OK!
  8. Guy says he never dated someone from that site while dating me. Says he’s currently incapable of investing emotionally in a relationship and I’m better off trying to find someone who can give me the attention I deserve.
  9. Go back to square 1 with dating sites, all the while trying to figure out WTF happened.
  10. Harden my heart because I realize that dating sites are bogus with too many frauds.

Degrees of Truth

The Question

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

My Answer

Honesty is the best policy for most matters.  The degree of importance for the given situation determines the degree of honesty required.  Higher importance means higher honesty.  The difficult part is that this can vary between people and vary based on the current mood of a relationship.  One always needs to be aware of where their relationship is at a given moment so that the level of honesty can be adjusted accordingly.

Low Degree of Honesty

A low degree of honesty is only for trivial matters, matters that have no impact on the quality of the relationship.  For example, if you are getting ready to go to dinner with your partner and they are wearing one of their favorite shirts that you don’t particularly like – suck it up and don’t tell the truth.  It serves no purpose.  It is not important and will only add negativity to the evening.

High Degree of Honesty

A high degree of honesty is for anything that is NOT trivial to you or to the person you are in the relationship with.  These matters will have a higher degree of impact on the relationship.  An example, a coworker begins to flirt with you.  You are not entirely sure you are being flirted with, but it feels like it.  No matter how the flirting makes you feel (you may like it, or you may be uncomfortable), tell your partner IMMEDIATELY.  Even if you are not sure that it is flirting.  Also, tell your partner everything about the situation, including how it made you feel.  Don’t leave any gray areas that will come back and bite you in the butt.

In response to Daily Prompt Truth or Dare.