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Spring Trails

I’ve been busy this spring, walking some of the local trails.  Thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures from these hikes.

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No Q

In response to Daily Prompt Twenty-Five.

I’m getting pretty excited.  I ordered new hiking boots that should be delivered by the time I get home.

And today I ordered

  • A new backpack.  Although I like my camera backpack, it is not designed for hiking.  And the new one has a sleeve for water bladder.
  • A camera strap that can hook to the backpack and provide more stability.  My camera was strapped around my neck last Sunday and moved around a lot.
  • Hiking / trekking poles.

Developing Me!

I’ve passed the mid-way point of my 40s, was asked for a divorce after 20+ years of marriage, and realized I have no friends and no hobbies.  So this is the year of “me!”

I’ve always wanted to try hiking.  I went for a nice (not really) long hike last Sunday and only took me, myself, and I – oh – and my camera which is another new hobby!  I was looking for a nice overlook to the Missouri River and I found it.  I’m looking forward to going back when things are turning green.  And I had a very interesting experience viewing this hawk flying around overhead.  There must have been a nest nearby.



So, why did I say it wasn’t really a nice walk?  I’ve always wanted to hike the trails in the area and I have discovered that I really do like it, especially with my camera along.  But this hike was more challenging than I’m used to AND was quite muddy for well over half of my hike.  Here’s my shoes!


I intended to hike about 5, maybe 6 miles at a casual pace.  There’s 2 main trails where I went.  One was 8 miles and one 5 miles and they overlap and have unmarked trails that criss cross all over the place.  I got lost and I think I hiked about 10 to 12 miles.  I was sore and achy (fell on my butt and slid a ways in the mud), thirsty (didn’t bring water), hungry, and had to pee.  I cried tears of joy when I reached the parking lot at 6:30 PM and was thankful that daylight savings had started or I’d have been getting back in the dark.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I need real hiking boots because I intend to hike more trails, but with better planning!