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Happiness, That Elusive State of Being

I responded to the Daily Prompt Image Search with this post.  Since then, the primary search terms that land a person on my blog is something related to happiness.  Today alone I’ve had 5 like that, out of 25 visitors so far.

It makes me sad, in a way.  That so many of us are searching for happiness outside of ourselves.  I realize I’m making assumptions on why people search “happiness” on the internet.  But I do suspect that many search for it outside of themselves.  Wouldn’t we all love it if someone else or something else could make us happy?

That would be so easy!

Happiness Image Search

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

Happiness is an elusive, vague state of being that so many people strive to achieve.  What is it?  How do you know you have it?

So I decided to search “happiness” in Google images and found this.

Happiness can look different to different people.  I see a woman running in a field with balloons.  Some people are scared of balloons.  When my son was 2 he was so worried the balloon would fly away that he was stressed out when offered balloons.

But how can you pictorially represent happiness?  I think we must first define happiness.


One major thing that comes to my mind are smiles on faces. I think that represents a moment of happiness, and the more of those moments you have, the happier you are.

I believe we should strive to have as many of these happy moments as possible.  They are more towards the quantitative end of the scale than the qualitative end of overall happiness.