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The Crash

Heading down the highway I’m in deep thought about the upcoming meeting. It is an important meeting with a potential customer for Bella’s Web Design. Bella, my boss, has made it very clear that getting this customer to sign on would prevent looming financial disaster.

I am thankful traffic is moving along at a crisp pace. I don’t usually take this route to work and I suspect that this is unusual for this time of the morning rush.

Damn, I think I jinxed it. Brake lights flicker ahead. “Oh my God!” I exclaim as I suddenly cram on the brakes as everyone tries to go from 65 to 0 in a split second.

Well, everyone except the car behind me – that is. Said car slams into my rear and I slam into my steering wheel. “That’s gonna leave a mark!” I think to myself.

I exit the vehicle to confront the other driver, while silently letting off a string of expletives. I’m thinking it is probably someone who was paying more attention to their smart phone than to traffic.

And then I see who it is, my boss Bella.

“Bella, what are you doing here? Don’t you usually take 75 to work?” Of all the bad luck, to have just been rammed by my boss while I’m on my way to sign on an important new customer.

Bella is in tears as she explains that she thought she should attend the meeting with me. “I was just setting up my cell so that I could recite a text to you to forewarn you that I would be there,” she’s telling me. “Then when I looked up it was too late to stop. Oh my God, what are we going to do? Neither of us can make it to the meeting now.”

I’m thinking quick, trying to come up with a solution. “Bella, my car may still be drivable but yours is obviously not. You need to contact the customer to let them know we will be late. Then you can ride with me to the meeting, once we have arrangements for a tow truck.”

Bella called the customer while I called for a tow truck. We were on our way half an hour later to the customer in my damaged car that still ran, but had a slight list. Bella apologized non-stop for the remainder of the ride. She apologized for rear ending me and for giving the impression that she didn’t trust me.

Ultimately, we did sign on the new customer and I received a promotion. I tell myself I got the promotion simply based on my excellent performance, but I know that Bella’s guilt also played a part. Thankfully Bella claimed full responsibility for the accident, so my car was paid for by her insurance.

I Hate to Bother You, But…

“I hate to bother you, but I have something important to ask,” said the stranger as she tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to take a look at the woman who startled me so badly that I almost dropped the box of cereal I was evaluating for purchase.

“How can I help you?” I asked her, dreading that she would waste my precious time. I needed to finish getting groceries so that I could rush home to fix dinner, eat, and rush the boys to music lessons. After music lessons there was a huge pile of laundry to be sorted. I hate doing laundry!

“I am a market analyst for some very unique and interesting products and wonder if I could share some information with you,” she told me. I wanted to simply tell her thanks, but no thanks. But her demeanor was intriguing. She had my interest, even though I didn’t want her to have it.

“I’m not really interested,” I lied. She knew I was lying and plowed on with some high level product descriptions. She described some very futuristic appliances and machines that could help save people time and allow more time for relaxation.

I was even more intrigued when she described the laundry system. Laundry is so exhausting and just the other night I had teased my kids that they needed to invent a laundry machine that would do the whole job, from gathering to hanging / folding. A visiting friend jokingly stated that that is what kids are for.

How could technology advanced so far without the knowledge of the general public? How could there be a machine that could do laundry from the very start of the job – gathering – all the way to the end of the job – hanging and folding? I needed this machine like nothing I’ve ever needed before.

“Ma’am, I would love to hear more about the laundry system, but I really must rush out of here,” I responded. She must have taken that as a sign that I was losing interest and she became more frantic in her efforts to hook me.

“Ah, the laundry system is one of my favorites,” she indicated. “The system is in final development and will be released for user testing next week. I would love to put your contact information down as a potential tester.”

“Wow, that really would be great,” I exclaimed as I gave her my contact information. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell the family. I felt I had made a very good decision and was about to save us a ton of time and money on laundry.

And that is how I ended up being the proud owner of an Automated Full Cycle Laundry System.