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I’ve always had dreams I could remember.  Stress causes me to have more vivid dreams.

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For example

* Dreaming that my ex was putting his man parts in my face. I think this has two meanings. Earlier in the divorce process it was my anxiety that he would pursue me intimately.  After I knew about his girlfriend it was because I felt he was flaunting the new relationship in my face.

* This one is funny to me because it is opposite of my daydreaming.  Last night I had a dream that he wanted me to meet her. She turned out to be plain Jane in appearance with a dull personality.  In my daydreams she’s sexy, good looking, great personality,  etc.

* More on the above dream.  I asked if she knew who I was and she didn’t.  This reflects my feelings that he is secretive and closed off.

* And more a still on that dream. I was on a blind date with a man who was getting WAY to close to me, but I was trying to be ok with that. Interpretation, maybe I’m not ready to date.

* Then a man I knew and liked showed up.  He rescued me and we had a great time while the others watched on in boredom. He paid attention to me, made me laugh, flirted with me. This means that I’m wanting someone who pays attention to me.  It may also mean that I’m showing my vindictive side because ex and his girlfriend were bored and paying more attention to me and my guy.