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Arguing – Conservative vs Liberal

I’m speaking in general terms here – VERY general.


I’ve seen a trend in political discussions on the internet. People from every political corner of the internet like to argue and insult each other.  What I’ve noticed is that conservatives go about it in different ways than liberals.


  • Bad grammar.
  • Abbreviations like “u” for “you” – “ur” for “you are” or “your.”
  • Crass insults, like saying someone deserved to be beaten or die or such.
  • An attitude that conveys “I am holier.”
  • Over reliance on religion
    • Saying “you will burn in hell for {insert your favorite ending here}.”
    • Replying with “Amen” if they agree with the previous denigrator.


  • Big words, maybe trying to imply the other person is vacuous.
  • Long sentences, sometimes paragraphs, with complete punctuation.
  • Reliance on logic, sometimes faulty, to make a point.
  • An attitude than conveys “I am more intelligent.”

Argumentum ad hominem

With 2016 elections approaching and the tragedy in France, I’ve seen a lot of debate on social media. Or at least have seen a lot of what appears to resemble debate, but is not truly debate.

First, what is debate? It is basically argument, sometimes formal, most of the time about controversial subjects. Formal debate is heavily based on logic and evidence. This brings to mind argument fallacies. Fallacies are incorrect arguments in logic and rhetoric which undermines an argument’s logical validity or more generally an argument’s logical soundness.

One of the most common fallacies I see is “argumentum ad hominem” – the evasion of the actual topic by directing an attack at your opponent. Examples include
– Republicans calling democrats cry babies.
– Democrats calling republicans greedy piles of shit.
– Pro refugee location individuals calling the other side fear mongers, un Christian,  un caring, etc.
– Anti refugee relocation individuals calling the other side naive, Muslim lovers, etc.
– And all of the above groups mocking each other.

Please stop the madness!