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Why Feel Sorry?

I was in a personal conversation with people at work about dating and what minimum requirements were in selecting someone to date. One of my big requirements is that he is somewhere between agnostic to atheist. I don’t want to risk offending someone I’m in an intimate relationship with. I like to talk about my views, so I know it would come up. And I don’t need to be “saved” because I simply don’t believe that there is a god.

So I told these people from work that I’m an atheist and they were fine with it.  One of them even brought up the fact that I wouldn’t want a date to try to save me.

One of the other women is in the dating game and we asked her how she finds dates if she’s not using a dating site. She says she finds them at her church.

I  immediately wanted to tell her I’m sorry if I offended her by saying I’m an atheist. I’m sure she’s not offended because of it, so why did I feel like that?

I reasoned myself out of saying sorry, thankfully. I  think that more people need to be openly atheist / agnostic so that it doesn’t feel offensive to say it out loud.

Atheist Fact for the Day: We’re not Angry

Contrary to what you may have “learned” in the movie God’s Not Dead – atheists are not angry with God.

I’ve been a closet atheist for a LONG time – denying it even to myself until I came out recently. And it is simply because I do not find sufficient evidence to support me believing in ANY god. Nothing bad happens to turn someone into an atheist. I have been very pleased with my life overall. Has it been perfect, No! Has it been bad, NO!!!

I dated an agnostic / spiritual but not religious guy briefly and he was trying to pull away from his religious upbringing. I could tell that he had put a lot of thought into much of what he believed or didn’t believe, but one thing struck me as odd. He insisted that there must have been a specific point in time when I decided I was an atheist and that it would be linked to something that happened. But alas, that is not how it worked for me.

Atheist Fact for the Day: Education & Income

Atheists tend to be highly educated1.  27% of the general population have college degrees, while 43% of atheists claim the same. The more educated a person is, the more capable he or she is at critical thinking2. This of course does not guarantee that education will turn a person into an atheist, possibly due to the fact that many people find comfort in their religiosity.  And then there is the factor of some religious individuals adhering to the beliefs that still make sense in the modern world, but forgoing those that no longer make sense2.

Gallup found in 2010 that the lower a country’s per capita income, the higher their population rates the importance of religion3.

The Question

Is religion an important part of your daily life? (Median responses among countries at each per-capita income level.)

The Results


Note that the US breaks the statistics with a higher than average percentage of religiosity (65%) compared to wealth (about $49,000).


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Atheist Group’s Adopt a Highway Sign Vandalized (Again) in California

Source: Atheist Group’s Adopt a Highway Sign Vandalized (Again) in California

How incredibly childish. I was walking through the parking lot at work last week and saw a few Christian bumper stickers. I thought to myself, I’m so sick of seeing all of these, maybe I should X over them with a big fat marker. Of course, I never would do that. Then I began to wonder what would happen if I were to put an atheist bumper sticker on my car and I thought someone would probably try to destroy it.

Lo & behold, then I see this!

Nonbeliever Nation

Food for thought. From “Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans” by David Niose

“But more significantly, when we actually compare the values and beliefs of atheists and secular people to those of religious people, the former are markedly less nationalistic, less prejudiced, less anti-Semitic, less racist, less dogmatic, less ethnocentric, less close-minded, and less authoritarian.””

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