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Coming Out

Seeing that I have outed myself as a non believer to the most important person in my life (my mommy), I figured that it is time to out myself to the general public.

I am a non believer. I am in the process of determining the title that I wish to accept because it may not be atheist. To those of you who know me personally and you are Christian, I encourage you to still accept me as an upstanding and ethical person.

If you know me personally and you are a Christian, know that I will never attempt to convert you to a non believer status. I would expect the same courtesy from you, in not trying to convert me to your belief system.

I will discuss my non-beliefs from the perspective of generating understanding and acceptance of me and others like me. I will also speak up when I see something that slanders the character of non believers, or infringes on the secular aspect of the USA.