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Talking Politics

Here are some basic tips for surviving discussions on sensitive topics, such as politics.

  • Avoid name calling. It just makes you look like a big baby. Ad hominem.
  • Don’t assume you know a person’s views based on a few words you see on your screen.
  • Words on a screen are void of facial expression, tone and body language – so try not to assign emotion to things you read. You’ll probably be wrong or exaggerated in what you assign. I know that I’ve been horribly wrong, reading too much into things.
  • Carefully choose your words when discussing hot topics.
  • Lighten up – damn it.
  • Admit that most people are not stupid just because they don’t share your opinion. Many people hold opinions for valid, well though out reasons.
  • Don’t take differing view points so personal.

Blocking Toxins

I did something last night that I never thought I’d have to do. I blocked a cousin on Facebook because he seems to be a hater.

He’s a far right leaning republican and I’m a left of center democrat. Normally that is not a problem for me. I have friends like him and they provide well thought out opposing opinions. I  respect their opinions because they share them civilly.

My cousin could not do that. Some quotes (in response to this article I shared):

dems want to live in tiny houses in the city with cameras on every corner so big daddy government can watch over them and keep them safe, as well as ride bicycles and drive prius…and pretend to be green….

everyone else wants to live on their own with land for gardens, hunting, and at least some resemblance of looking out for themselves and the ability to live off the land if need be w/o big daddy government taking half their paycheck to support lazy city dwellers

He probably thinks I blocked him because I disagree with him. I know the truth, though.  I blocked him because I think he is just a negative person who I don’t want to interact with.