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Learning Web Development

I’ve wanted to switch to web development / design for awhile now, but did not want to go back to traditional school.  I searched online a few weeks ago and found several options through a site that rated learning effectiveness for each option.  I decided to go with Treehouse because of their flat annual fee.  Meaning, I pay $xxx for a year and I can take 1 course or 100 courses.  They also bundle courses into a learning track.

I am taking the Front End Web Development track, so may periodically share my practice web site on this blog.  Here is what I have so far, which was the basic HTML / CSS course.  Pretty much a refresher for me.

Shame? Not Me!

A coworker who knows some of my personal background and how much stress I’ve dealt with over the years asked me if I am a church goer.  I simply said “no” to begin with, hoping he’d just drop it.  Well, he didn’t.  He suggested that I might find a lot of support from church.  I’m sure that is true, but it is not for me.  I said I’m totally NOT a church person.

He actually said “oh, shame on you.”

R E A L L Y!

I feel no shame in the fact that I don’t go to church.  I would feel shame – on the other hand – if I were to go and fake it the whole time.  I would feel shame that I let other people’s beliefs direct my behavior.

If it works for you, great.  I support you and will not try to change your mind.

It doesn’t work for me, so don’t try to change my mind, in the guise of saving me.  And especially don’t try to assign shame to me because I don’t believe like you do.

Cast of Characters

I feel like I need to put some clarity to the cast of characters I write about.  It is increasingly difficult to write using “my new guy” and “my ex.”

  • Neo – My new romantic interest.
  • Lenka – This is my Ex.  In older posts I refer to him as my ex, my husband, DH (dear husband).  Lenka is an African male name that means “taker.”  And he is a taker.
  • Harry – My oldest son, who is too smart for anyone’s good.  Loves to argue and hates all things “stupid.”
  • Danny – My youngest son, who gives me a run for my money with his Asperger’s.

18% Friendly? Why don’t we smile at each other?

I work in a string of seven buildings connected by halls. Each building has four floors and two wings. There are a lot of people here with at least three companies in occupancy.

It is common for people to walk the halls for exercise. This is especially true during the summer, when my company sponsors a walking/exercise program where you can earn an Amazon gift certificate worth $50 to $100.  My company has the bulk of office space here, so there are usually plenty of people walking at any given time.

I’ve noticed that not many people smile, or even make eye contact. Today I decided to see what percentage of people would display a minimal acknowledgement – such as a nod or smile.  This experiment took place right before the cafeteria opened and I saw 40+ people.  There were two small groups of people who were talking as they walked.  All of the others were individuals.

18%! Three people smiled AND gave a verbal greeting.  Out of those, I know one so I almost didn’t want to count her.  Another individual nodded, but did not smile or give a verbal greeting.

Out of all the others, a substantial majority did not even make eye contact.

One Liner Wednesday – Pie

He made me a pie. He fed me pie Monday night. He fed me pie Tuesday morning. He sent me to work with pie Tuesday.

I like pie and a man who makes a good one!

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One Liner Wednesday!