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WTF – Call out Racism


I seriously just saw this shared by a cousin of mine.  I’d like to say that I’m shocked, but sadly, I’m not.

I just have no words.  Well, actually I do – but they’re a jumbled mess inside my head and I’m afraid to unstop the flow.

I called her out on it, but I’m sure nothing will come of it.  Crying inside!


In life, always remember that your reality may be different from another person’s reality.  This would go a LONG way in solving problems – vast and small.

What this means, is that two people can share an experience, but come away from it with different feelings, different meaning, different interpretations, and therefore different realities.

It does not mean that one is wrong and one is right.It means that dialogue needs to take place to gain a better understanding of the differences.

Imagine what the world would be like if we were to always keep this in mind. No, it wouldn’t erase problems.  That would be boring.  It would allow us to be empathetic to others and work through problems.

Banana Peel Alert

Myth Busters says slipping on a banana peel is a myth. Here’s the video of that part of the episode.

I’m here to tell you, it is not a myth. It may not be guaranteed that you slip and fall, but the same could be true of walking on ice. You are not guaranteed to fall, but your chances of falling increase.

I thought of this as I was getting out of the car this morning and noticed a hole in the knee of my slacks. I slipped on a banana peel in a wet, dark parking lot at the end of November. My knee is still tender and these slacks must be the ones I was wearing when I fell. My foot slipped backwards as I was bringing my other foot forward, so I went down hard on my knee and then down on my bottom.

Argumentum ad hominem

With 2016 elections approaching and the tragedy in France, I’ve seen a lot of debate on social media. Or at least have seen a lot of what appears to resemble debate, but is not truly debate.

First, what is debate? It is basically argument, sometimes formal, most of the time about controversial subjects. Formal debate is heavily based on logic and evidence. This brings to mind argument fallacies. Fallacies are incorrect arguments in logic and rhetoric which undermines an argument’s logical validity or more generally an argument’s logical soundness.

One of the most common fallacies I see is “argumentum ad hominem” – the evasion of the actual topic by directing an attack at your opponent. Examples include
– Republicans calling democrats cry babies.
– Democrats calling republicans greedy piles of shit.
– Pro refugee location individuals calling the other side fear mongers, un Christian,  un caring, etc.
– Anti refugee relocation individuals calling the other side naive, Muslim lovers, etc.
– And all of the above groups mocking each other.

Please stop the madness!

Self Expression

I have had a long term fear of expressing my opinion in general, but especially when it is in disagreement with someone. I have gradually been working through it and have made my voice be heard lately.  Some people probably think I’ve made it be heard too frequently and too loudly. And sometimes I come on too strong or too negatively, so that doesn’t help.

Between finding my voice and my passion for knowledge and sharing of said knowledge, I have upset a few people. But I have also started dialog between a few family members in the area of carefully considering the impact of far right religious views when mixed with politics.  There IS such a thing as too far right, just like too far left can have negative impacts.

This is why I share the things I share. This is why I comment on posts that make no sense.  Some of it is because I want to understand why someone thinks the way he or she does. And some of it is to share my point of view. It is never to convert a person to my way of thinking.  In a balanced conversation, all parties will learn and grow,  even if no one changes their original opinion.

We live in a society where it is considered negative to disagree. I think that I would have agreed with that as recent as a few months ago. I no longer agree with it though. I believe that it has set us back as a country.  Some of us are afraid to speak up, most of us can’t do it in a helpful or well thought out way, and many of us shut others down if they disagree. I’ve had at least 2 family members unfriend me, a high school friend said she’s unfollowing me, and who knows how many have slipped through the cracks unnoticed?

Yet employers are in constant search for good problem solving skills and critical thinkers. How do we build these skills in a world that is too scared to disagree? Or too worried about being politically correct?  Or too prone to join in verbal combat instead of discussion with a focus on understanding. Or just not willing to hear opposition.

I struggle finding balance, but if you are a person I know face-to-face, please understand what I’m saying here. And please feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns.

Girlie Girls

I’m not a girlie girl. I like some things that are mildly girlie, but I’m a bit of a non conformist in that department.

Take makeup, for example. I rarely wear it. It takes time to put on and likely will make my eyes sore. I keep some at work, but the mascara was clumpy and I didn’t like the eyeliner.

I had a date scheduled for after work yesterday, so I decided to stop by Macy’s to get new eyeliner and mascara. My tiny little girlie girl helper tried to sell me eye shadow. When I said no thanks, she told me I have pretty eyes and I should try it. Then she tried to sell me some sort of cream people put on eyelashes before the mascara. I already have long dark lashes.

I thought to myself, if I have pretty eyes, why do I need eye shadow? Yeah, it’s fun to play with once in awhile, but I really don’t think it is necessary.

Democrats seek to question anti-Planned Parenthood video hoaxster over potentially illegal activities

My favorite line:

When Fiorina was called on the lie, her campaign team hastily assembled a video of their own featuring graphic footage of a miscarriage which they falsely identified as a late-term abortion.

No, totally not necessary to tell the truth.

Source: Democrats seek to question anti-Planned Parenthood video hoaxster over potentially illegal activities


I am genuinely confused as to why stating an opposing opinion is seen as a negative thing. Sure, in some cases the parties in an argument are trying to sway each other to their own point of view.  And in other cases the argument may be combative or angry in nature.

But why is simply disagreeing seen as a negative thing, especially when regarding religion? And why does it cause people get defensive or want to go silent or stop sharing their opinion?

How can we, as the human race, ever see peace if we don’t talk about our differences in a manner that lets us learn from each other and generate tolerance and acceptance?

That’s all I want, really. I want theists to be open to discussion without feeling like they need to convince anyone to switch to their beliefs. I want atheists to stop attacking the intelligence of theists, which tends to make them angry and more close minded – because they are HUMAN and that is what humans do when they’re angry.

But alas, I’m probably dreaming of utopia and that ain’t gonna happen!