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I am a firm believer that trust is earned. Therefore – you cannot truly trust a person with whom you’ve only exchanged a handful of messages online and have never even had a phone conversation.

But that is exactly what a man expected of me on a dating site.  I very clearly stated on my profile that I do background checks on a person before I meet him.  This guy must have thought I was joking because when I suggested we meet and I asked for his last name – he told me goodbye. He said trust is important to him.

It was quite mind boggling.

Ballsy Man

I got the craziest message on a dating site and thought I’d share.  This is the 1st, and only message.  He didn’t even ease his way into it.  Just put it out there right away.

I wanna hit it like a home run in the bottom of the ninth. Lol

I’m pretty sure he’s not talking about baseball!  😉

Not a Reflection on Me

I joined Zoosk a few days ago.  It is an interesting site and has some nice features.  Also has some irritating lack of filtering, such as can’t say I don’t want to see smokers.  After a few days on the site, users can access “Insights” to see who likes them, who they like, and dating style.

I believe that this information is gathered casually based on who the user views and interacts with.  But I must make it clear that the section detailing “entertainment” tastes on who I like is not a reflection of my tastes, but rather the lack of imagination of the typical American male.  I am totally not into AC/DC!  I very mildly enjoy Pink Floyd.  NOT – I repeat – NOT into NFL.  Enjoy an occasional Card’s game, but not on TV and mostly for the people watching aspect.

Now I’ve Seen it All

Online dating profile says

This is who I’m looking for: A MENSA card in your pocket a body like a Barbie Doll, no older than me, at least a bachelor’s degree (unless you’re a RN, then an associates is fine), financially secure, your own home, no dogs but must love mine, no bratty children, sober and drug free, subservient like Edith Bunker and most importantly, a sense of humor.

One more thing… If you’re bipolar or have any other imbalance and you frequently forget to take your medication, no thanks.

Wow.  And he is sooooo not all that!

Dating Site Observation #3

The theme of “I don’t want to be a text buddy.”  While texting can be beneficial in the very initial stages, I believe some use it as a security blanket and the other person loses interest.  I totally agree with this sentiment.  I almost gave up on a guy because we’d been texting for 3 weeks and he had to cancel our first date at the last minute.  I was worried he was turning into a “text buddy.”  We finally met last night and I’m pleased that I did not give up on him.