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Dear Mr. Roy Blunt

In light of election results, I felt like it was better to take action than to wallow in my sorrow and/or whine about the way things have turned.  So I am writing letters to the politicians that are supposed to represent me.  I thought, “how can they represent me if I don’t tell them what I like or dislike about their stance on issues?”  So I submitted my first one to Roy Blunt – Missouri rep in the US Senate, regarding his voting record on Civil Rights – which is near and dear to me.


Dear Mr Blunt.  I consider myself to be a progressive, which aligns me more closely with the Democratic party.  I have serious concerns about your voting record for Civil Rights.  Based on your voting records, here are my top three concerns in this area.  I hope that you will receive my concerns with an open mind.  Thank you!

  1. You voted YES on Constitutionally defining marriage as one-man-one-woman. (Jul 2006). I do not believe that it is up to the government to decide who a citizen can or cannot marry, outside of enforcing current age restrictions and family member restrictions.
  2. You voted on banning gay adoptions in DC. (Jul 1999). Granted that this vote is from 1999, I hope that you have changed your position on this issue (which should not even be a political issue).  Gays are just as good or bad at parenting as non-gays and this should not be a legal issue – except from the perspective of protecting the right.
  3. You voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation. (Nov 2007) The way that I read this is that you support job discrimination based on sexual orientation.  That is not OK with me and not OK with MANY other Missourians.

Arguing – Conservative vs Liberal

I’m speaking in general terms here – VERY general.


I’ve seen a trend in political discussions on the internet. People from every political corner of the internet like to argue and insult each other.  What I’ve noticed is that conservatives go about it in different ways than liberals.


  • Bad grammar.
  • Abbreviations like “u” for “you” – “ur” for “you are” or “your.”
  • Crass insults, like saying someone deserved to be beaten or die or such.
  • An attitude that conveys “I am holier.”
  • Over reliance on religion
    • Saying “you will burn in hell for {insert your favorite ending here}.”
    • Replying with “Amen” if they agree with the previous denigrator.


  • Big words, maybe trying to imply the other person is vacuous.
  • Long sentences, sometimes paragraphs, with complete punctuation.
  • Reliance on logic, sometimes faulty, to make a point.
  • An attitude than conveys “I am more intelligent.”

Disappointed in Humanity

I am deeply disappointed in humanity these days. Many of us are, from both sides of the political divide, from many different religions and denominations, from those who claim non-religious spirituality, all the way to those who claim to be non religious.  People of a wide variety of colors are all disappointed in humanity.

We have daily violence against minorities, LGBTQi, police. This is sickening.


One thing that disappoints me just as much as that, is the attitude that some have that their solution is the only answer. The one that bothers me the most is the attitude that we need Jesus.

I don’t need Jesus. I don’t need god. What I need is the ability to self reflect, admit to areas where I struggle, learn from my mistakes, and learn to accept differences in others WITHOUT trying to change them. This is called Self Awareness and would go a LONG way towards creating peace in the world.

Good without god.  BUT – if you need god or Jesus to be good – I’m OK with that. I will protect your religious rights so long as it does not infringe on my rights to be non-religious.



​I’m probably going to lose yet another family member as a Facebook friend. Because:

* I refuse to let people hold the belief that the US was founded on Christianity or that religious practices should be part of government or schools.
* I challenge hypocritical memes.
* I challenge things that don’t seem to be based on truth, but are presented as truth.
* I try to present alternative views to see if it sparks interesting dialogue  (most of the time it pisses people off).
No, I’m not perfect. Not even close to it. But I’m interested in truth and freedom of choice. And even though I don’t like being unfriended or unfollowed, I’m still so much happier being *me* than I was when I wasn’t being me. And this is simply me being me!


In life, always remember that your reality may be different from another person’s reality.  This would go a LONG way in solving problems – vast and small.

What this means, is that two people can share an experience, but come away from it with different feelings, different meaning, different interpretations, and therefore different realities.

It does not mean that one is wrong and one is right.It means that dialogue needs to take place to gain a better understanding of the differences.

Imagine what the world would be like if we were to always keep this in mind. No, it wouldn’t erase problems.  That would be boring.  It would allow us to be empathetic to others and work through problems.

Sexual Healing

I’m reading an awesome book about human sexuality. The link is below: Come As You Are, The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life, by Emily Nagoski, PhD.

Without too much spoiler, you will learn about brakes, accelerator, context, and much more. Reading this has solidified some of the self-work I have done on healing my sexual attitudes towards myself.

I loved this quote.

“If a girl has a particularly sensitive brake system, one incident might be enough to create a tangled knot in her arousal process. For many women, though, it takes consistent reinforcement of a negative message in order for it to be embedded in sexual response, and consistent reinforcement takes a sex-negative culture.”

I have a highly sensitive accelerator with dull brakes. I can only speak in generalities, because I  forgot the details over the years. Generally, I was raised in an environment where sex should wait until marriage. It was more acceptable if a boy didn’t wait. It was likely a girl’s fault if a young couple was caught. Premarital sex is naughty. Don’t have sex with more than one boy. If you fail, ask for forgiveness and try harder next time. Oh, and don’t talk about your struggles because 1st – you should be ashamed and 2nd – it’s embarrassing to talk about sex.

I  felt at least mildly guilty or shameful for YEARS. This book is helping me to finalize my healing process and truly understand.