Girlie Girls

I’m not a girlie girl. I like some things that are mildly girlie, but I’m a bit of a non conformist in that department.

Take makeup, for example. I rarely wear it. It takes time to put on and likely will make my eyes sore. I keep some at work, but the mascara was clumpy and I didn’t like the eyeliner.

I had a date scheduled for after work yesterday, so I decided to stop by Macy’s to get new eyeliner and mascara. My tiny little girlie girl helper tried to sell me eye shadow. When I said no thanks, she told me I have pretty eyes and I should try it. Then she tried to sell me some sort of cream people put on eyelashes before the mascara. I already have long dark lashes.

I thought to myself, if I have pretty eyes, why do I need eye shadow? Yeah, it’s fun to play with once in awhile, but I really don’t think it is necessary.


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