I am genuinely confused as to why stating an opposing opinion is seen as a negative thing. Sure, in some cases the parties in an argument are trying to sway each other to their own point of view.  And in other cases the argument may be combative or angry in nature.

But why is simply disagreeing seen as a negative thing, especially when regarding religion? And why does it cause people get defensive or want to go silent or stop sharing their opinion?

How can we, as the human race, ever see peace if we don’t talk about our differences in a manner that lets us learn from each other and generate tolerance and acceptance?

That’s all I want, really. I want theists to be open to discussion without feeling like they need to convince anyone to switch to their beliefs. I want atheists to stop attacking the intelligence of theists, which tends to make them angry and more close minded – because they are HUMAN and that is what humans do when they’re angry.

But alas, I’m probably dreaming of utopia and that ain’t gonna happen!


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