Taking Risks for Friendship

Building and maintaining friendships is an area where I’ve struggled, particularly while married. Once the ex and I decided to divorce, I knew it was time to make some friends. Thanks to meetup.com, that was not too difficult to get going.  I found a wonderful group of age 35+ girls who regularly get together – minimum of twice a month.

But that is not all that it takes to become friends with someone.  And that is what I needed and still need.

Saturday afternoon I discovered that a winery date with this group, that was originally scheduled for Sunday, was moved 1 week out.  I really wanted to spend some time out of the house and particularly wanted to do it with female friends.  I did something that I’ve only done once before – and that happened only 1 week previous to Sunday.

I put a Facebook post out there and tagged several local women asking them if they’d like to hang out with me Sunday.  As it turned out, everyone already had plans. The nice part was that most indicated that they would like to be thought of the next time something came up.

Even though I still ended up spending the day at home, mostly alone – I am happy that I took the risk of putting myself out there with the possibility of being rejected. In the long run, I wasn’t rejected at all.

2 thoughts on “Taking Risks for Friendship”

  1. I felt terrible that I wasn’t up to it. I was sorry we didn’t get to spend more time together the day before and I recognized what a step that post was for you. Am I reading this correctly? Is there another winery day scheduled THIS coming Sunday as well? If so, what time and may I join you after church?

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