When We’re Married

Went to dinner last night with my new romantic interest.  Conversation was non-stop and we were talking about kids.  I mentioned that mine are momma’s boys and would come to me for everything even if their dad was more accessible.  That somehow led to me telling him about how my ex would complain about all of the trash and mess left in the kitchen from me making a meal instead of helping me make the meal or clean up.

In response, new guy jokingly said “Well, when we’re married I expect dinner on the table and a clean house when I get home.”  I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t.  After a minute or so of continued conversation where we were both trying to ignore the elephant in the room – I said “did you just say ‘when we’re married’?”

No wedding plans yet, and maybe not ever because we’re both disillusioned with the institution of “marriage.” But it was very comforting that he’s thinking of keeping me around long term!


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