It is unavoidable, if you want to be around other humans.  It is how conflict is handled that separates the emotionally intelligent from the emotionally disabled.  I’ve been on the emotionally disabled side for most of my life and am steadily moving into the emotionally intelligent side.

Like anyone else, I have relationship fears and sometimes those fears simmer for too long (my fault) and then boil over suddenly.  That is what happened to me last night.

New guy and I said we’d meet for dinner last night.  We’ve been texting about it since Saturday, but weren’t sure if it would be a lunch date or dinner date.  Sunday we decided it would be a dinner date, but did not set a time and pick a place.  As I mentioned yesterday, he’s not caught up on instant communication like many of us are.  He got busy with some yard chores and didn’t text me until almost 7 pm, as I was eating my dinner at home.

We texted, but it was apparent that we were both grumpy.  Him from yard work and me from waiting.  Although it wasn’t ugly, it was conflict.

Bottom line is that I’m very pleased with the way he handled it.  When it became apparent that we were both grumpy and texting was not helping, he called.  That was pretty amazing, especially considering we’ve only been dating for a week and a half.  At that rate it would have been easy for many men to just write me off as a crazy bitch!  Too much work.  Too many expectations.

But he didn’t, and I’m happy for that!

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