Online Dating

I’ve taken the plunge into online dating, as I mentioned here.  It has been interesting, to say the least.  I’ve had three 1st dates and a fourth 1st date scheduled for tonight.  And I’ve had one 1st kiss.

My first 1st date was a 95% match on OkCupid.  I’m not really sure how that happened, because it was pretty clear to both of us right away we weren’t really a good match.

My second 1st date was an 86% match, but NO physical attraction.  Between that and the fact that he’s 10 years older than me with a moderately functioning Autistic daughter, I’ll not likely have a 2nd date with him.  He was a nice man though.

Third 1st date was a 93% match and I would consider a 2nd date with him.  He gave me my first post-divorce kiss and it was nice.  Although I would consider a 2nd date with him, I don’t think I will seek it out.  He has more than one characteristic that could become a problem in a more serious relationship.  He’s not too big on BIG words and seems offended if they’re used.  He says cats and dogs are OK on his profile, but he comes off as not really liking either.  And he cheats at games and that makes me wonder what else he cheats at.

Tonight is with someone who is a 77% match.  I am seriously looking forward to this date, more so than any of the others.  He better be a real person because his profile is very intriguing to me.  Very funny, intelligent, family oriented, and much more.  He looks really good in his pictures, but like a real person (not a model).


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