Divorced Dad & Kids

How do you tell a newly divorced dad with a new girlfriend that he needs to spend time with his kids?  This is our parenting schedule this month.  I’m purple!


Granted, I’m the scheduled parent for tonight but have dinner plans with some new girl friends.  Ex planned to be at the house for a period of time this evening, before heading off to his girlfriend’s.  Granted, he did see them for a brief time Sunday (maybe 2 hours, while oldest mowed lawn) and for a few minutes this morning.

Anyway, now he’s backing out.  Here’s a text conversation between us:

Him: You need me home this afternoon when you bring the boys home?

Me: No, but maybe they would like to see you.

Me again: Let me know what you decide.

Him: Will it impact your plans if I’m not there? I can be there, it is no big deal.

Me: No.

I was trying to convey that I’m fine but that I think he should spend some time with the boys.  Yes, it was indirect because it didn’t say that outright.  I was hoping that he’d take the hint because I don’t want to tell him what to do.  He’s not my responsibility anymore.


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