Self Care

Monday was a really bad day, at least to begin with. See my previous post for details.

I was teary-eyed and could not focus on work. After about an hour,  I took sick time for the remainder of the day.

Here’s what I did for myself:

* Shopped Macy’s and found 2 very nice shirts. No luck with black shoes or ankle boots.

* Found 2 new pair of jeans at Kohl’s. It is very hard to find jeans because I’m perpetually between sizes. Also got jeans for boy #2.

* Chose some new pajamas and new undies. Haven’t had new undies in a LONG time. They’re practical,  but cute.

* And today I found the black ankle boots I’ve been searching for.  Then headed to Sephora for new lipstick.

* On my way out of Sephora I found a Fossil store, so chose a new purse.

I’m not cured, but I sure do like my new stuff!


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