3 Weeks???

3 Weeks after our divorce is final and guess where he is?  Spending the night with his new girlfriend.

And he thinks that I believe nothing was going on before we even decided to divorce?

I’m not angry that he’s with her.  I’m angry because I don’t believe that nothing was going on before we divorced.  He let it slip that he was talking to her before we decided to divorce.

I’m angry because it only took him 3 weeks to stand in front of his kids and say goodbye for ANOTHER night away from home (even though technically it is my parenting night).

I’m angry because he can replace me after 3 weeks and here I am writing on my stupid blog because I’m ANGRY and haven’t moved on yet – even though I REALLY want to.

I want to do this to some other body part of his!

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4 thoughts on “3 Weeks???”

  1. Eilene, do you think there’s a chance you could either get your hubs to move out, or can you leave? Trust me, I know things can get very financially complex with a special needs child child and that you haven’t sold your house yet. I think it would drive me insane to live in the same house with my ex if I were divorcing him. This seems like a recipe for bad mental health (and I totally sympathize how these situations can happen). Is there no place you can go? Until you leave his activities are going to be terribly *in your face*. It’s going to add to your suffering A LOT.

      1. I hope your place sells quickly…I can’t imagine how difficult it has to be to share a house with your ex. Sorry you have to bear his shenanigans on top of everything else.

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