House for Sale

© Pupunkkop | Dreamstime.comHome For Sale On Blackboard Photo

Prepping a house for sale is a lot of work.

I feel like I’m doing it alone and I’m a little angry about that so this is a venting post.

Some things I’ve accomplished:

  • Painted almost entire basement in 2012, because we thought we’d try to sell then but the market sucked.  This involved filling nearly a million tiny holes and dents made by rambunctious kids.
  • Painted 1/2 of main level and stairs and upstairs hall in 2012.
  • Repainted kid #2’s room.
  • Moved several broken folding tables and an old desk to front porch and then to trash on trash day.
  • De cluttered many rooms and closets over a long period, since 2012.  This resulted in MANY trips to Good Will.
  • Put together several free standing, decorative storage closets to contain clutter that is used frequently.
  • Hauled box after box to the attic.  Even the boxes that I had hoped ex would have taken to attic, such as his rocketry stuff.
  • Moved a ton of clutter from the computer room into the unfinished area.
  • Made several trips to Target to purchase storage boxes to contain the clutter.
  • Put various clutter into said storage boxes and moved those around to try to avoid adding more clutter.

One thought on “House for Sale”

  1. My dad just had to prepare the house we are renting from him for me. The previous tenants destroyed it! That poor guy! I’m exhausted just from moving in! I hope you have an easier go of it.

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