I Was In Her Shoes

And I’m sorry anyone has to be in those worn out old shoes.

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See, she’s tired.  Tired of struggling with a special needs child with little help from her husband.  Tired of being the only one to research said child’s problems.  Tired of being the only one to seek out interventions and be told by her partner that it is too difficult or complicated.  Tired of being the only one to meet with school, take child to therapy, etc.  Tired of being the only one responsible for the house work, the cooking, and everything.

Having a special needs child makes the parenting partnership VERY important and she’s not getting it.

If you are the kind of person to pray, pray for all of the mothers who are at their wits end trying to manage on their own even though they have a capable partner.  If you’re not the kind of person who prays, just think good thoughts for people in that situation.

I’m sure there are also fathers out there in this boat too.  But I met a mom in these shoes and I’ve been in these shoes – so my focus is on moms.

Because people who need to do things on their own, even though they have a partner, need our support.

2 thoughts on “I Was In Her Shoes”

  1. Do you find being a single parent of a special needs child easier than it was being all alone in your marriage? I’ve been pondering issues similar to this for awhile now.

    1. I’m newly divorced and we’re still living in the same house. But that is one of the many areas where my husband improved. And I think it was because we did family therapy in association with my son’s issues, and we have a male therapist.

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