No Q

In response to Daily Prompt Twenty-Five.

I’m getting pretty excited.  I ordered new hiking boots that should be delivered by the time I get home.

And today I ordered

  • A new backpack.  Although I like my camera backpack, it is not designed for hiking.  And the new one has a sleeve for water bladder.
  • A camera strap that can hook to the backpack and provide more stability.  My camera was strapped around my neck last Sunday and moved around a lot.
  • Hiking / trekking poles.

4 thoughts on “No Q”

  1. Awesome! What kind of camera strap did you get? I’ve been throwing my camera in my pack, which is just a pain in the ass. It’s never occurred to me to strap it on the outside…though if you fell I suppose you could break it. I’ve been considering getting one of those contraptions that will hold your camera on the end of your hiking pole. If you really get into it, another trekker’s blog I follow mentioned he bought a gopro camera…it’s super tiny and will take high-quality still pics and videos (kind of expensive though). There’s lots of cool footage on youtube if you search on “gopro.”

    When your poles and pack come in you’ll have to take pics and post about it (lots of “gear heads” will be interested). You’ll LOVE the traction boots will give you, and using a water bladder is the best thing since sliced bread. I’m so happy for you!

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