Fight AND Flight

In response to Daily Prompt Fight or Flight.

I  do not handle stress well. I’m working on it, but have a long way to go.

Soon to be ex and I don’t fight.  That is not even a reason for our divorce.  We don’t always agree,  but we don’t fight about it.

The morning after his mom died he got very angry with me and yelled at me in front of our youngest son. I’ll not go into detail about that,  since the focus is on how I responded.

I  freaked out and threw a tantrum like a 2 year old. I even threw my phone and flung the door shut.  Then I marched upstairs and  told him he could have “talked” to me.  He was still pretty angry and said a few more harsh words. I yelled a little too.

Then I retreated to my room and cried. And I cried on &  off for the next several days, while he was back home with his siblings.

So basically I  responded with both fight AND flight!

Featured Image Credit goes to © Kathleen Struckle | Dreamstime Stock Photos Tigers Starting To Fight


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