I Will Survive!

In response to Use It or Lose It Daily Prompt.

There have been many times in my life, in anyone’s life for that matter because I’m not unique, where I’ve thought “I thought we’d I’d never come back from survive that one.”  But so far, I’ve always survived and maybe thrived.  I believe that most of the time I’ve come back as a new & improved version of me – even if the outcome was not quite what I wanted or anticipated.

Some examples:

  • In my teen years I was desperate for male attention and it was a miracle that I wasn’t a teen mommy.  I managed to make it to age 32 before having my first. Although I was faithful to my soon to be ex, I believe that I would have continued to make poor decisions in matters of love if I hadn’t have married him.  And this would have been true up until a couple of years ago, when I finally worked through some of my self esteem issues.
  • I never thought I’d make it through summer of 2012, when I learned about my husband’s affairs.  When he accepted an invitation from a female sex addict, became addicted to her, got depressed because she went back to her husband (she ran out of money), and then he enrolled in online dating to see if he could transfer his feelings to another woman.  And he did, but deceived her right along with me.  All this while married to me and agreeing that we could go to therapy to work on our relationship.  And that is where I started to find out about all of that, at our first therapy session.Ouch – that hurt!
  • I never thought that two years later, after a good deal of what felt like successful reconciliation to me, I would find out that he still wanted a divorce. But by this time (Nov 2014) I was a much stronger person than I had been in the summer of 2012.  Even though I’m not coming through it as a married woman, I am coming back strong.

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