What to Save

In response to Burning Down the House and Burnt.

My house is burning down.  My people and pets are safe, thank goodness!

I think I have time to save 5 items!  Here’s what I save.

  • My computer.  Not because I love my computer, but because it has lifetimes of photos, most of which are scattered throughout the house.  It would be logistically impossible to save the originals while the house is burning.
  • My purse.  Who wants to go through the hell of replacing ID and various credit cards.  It also has my cool / expensive prescription sun glasses.
  • My Kindle e-reader.  This is where I escape reality right before drifting off to sleep most nights.  It has years worth of reading materials.  Granted I could still download them to a new e-reader – but I like the one I have.
  • My new coat.  Let’s face it, it is cold out in January in Missouri.  I love my new purple Columbia coat and it is practical for the cold that I will be facing.
  • My body back buddy.  I think I’ll need it because stress causes knots for me and it is stressful when your house burns down.

As far as the things I didn’t have time to save, let them burn.  I had a hard time coming up with the 5 items above.  I’m happy that the family and pets are safe and everything else can be replaced – especially since I got the computer and my purse.


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