Sharing the Inconsequential Moments

One of the hardest things about going through this divorce is the process of withdrawing from sharing my daily miniscule happenings with my soon to be ex.

I want to text him and tell him about the damn ladybug that landed in my drink. I want to send him a link to the video that made me think about him. I want to tell him about one of the silly things the dog did. And a variety of other small things.

But I don’t, because that is not where our relationship is heading. So who do I share those thoughts with?

2 thoughts on “Sharing the Inconsequential Moments”

  1. You’re going to get some peeps, if you don’t have them already, who will be there for you in this way. Other divorcing or divorced moms tend to get it. It’s just finding the ones you click with–who “get” you–kind of like dating. Sigh.

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