Hope for Angry Drivers

We’ve all had encounters with angry drivers and many of us have been the angry driver.  I sometimes find myself wondering if angry drivers realize the evil of their ways.  I know I’ve become a much more forgiving driver than I was in my 20s.  And I’ve even caught myself being angry at other drivers and telling myself to calm down.

So yes, I think angry drivers do learn and sometimes learn pretty quickly.

I had some evidence to this yesterday.  I was driving with the pace of traffic and getting ready to move to the right into an exit lane.  I checked my mirror just before the exit lane started, only to see a car barreling down on me.  She was coming on so fast that I thought I might miss the exit lane so I dodged over quickly, without using my signal.  Truthfully, I was just too startled and reacted.

Then I saw in my rear view mirror that she started waving her hands around like she was calling me names.  So I imitated her.  Again – not thinking – just reacting.

Lo & behold, she backed off my tail.  Do you think it is possible she decided she needed to settle down?  Maybe she realized the world was not moving to her schedule?  Maybe she thought I was crazy and would attack her if she kept it up?

Regardless, I was glad that she backed off because I don’t think I did anything wrong, except maybe changing lanes without signaling.

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