Don’t be afraid to express yourself!

In response to Powerful Suggestion.

What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten…) ago?

My 3 to 5 year old self (never mind how many years ago that would be) would have benefited tremendously from this advice, “Don’t be afraid to express yourself.”

I have had an alarming mix of self repression with total lack of restraint in other areas of life; areas where one should have some restraint.  I believe that the lack of restraint was there to balance out my repressed self expression.  This pattern started at a very young age for me and was fully ingrained as my modus operandi by the time I was a young teen.

Some people do not need this push in the correct direction, but I needed it badly.  I’ve been aware of this tendency for several years now, and awareness is the first step to healing.  I still struggle daily, even with the little forms of expression that so many people are capable of without the least bit of thought.

I hesitate.  I think about how expressing myself will upset the other person.  Maybe they won’t like me.  Maybe they’ll laugh at me.  Maybe they’ll leave me.  Maybe they’ll tell me I’m wrong to feel the way I do.  Maybe they’ll tell me it is my fault.  Maybe they’ll get defensive and argue, which will make me want to run and hide.

So, I try to express myself so that I own my own feelings and let the other person own their feelings.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to express yourself!”

  1. It’s very interesting to read about this topic, because I’m exactly the opposite. I live in a very authentic way and feel enormous stress if I have to hide too much of myself to please other people. While it’s a good thing in many ways, the downside is I HAVE had quite a few people leave me because I have expressed views or lived my life in a way they don’t agree with. I’m sure there’s some happy medium between your way and my way. Can we find it is the question.

  2. I think I DO have enormous stress from being that way. Back and neck muscles so tense that my massage therapist and chiropractor get a good workout working on me!

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