Reason to Believe?

In response to Reason to Believe.

For me it is the belief that there is always room for improvement, a belief that I can learn something new, a belief that I can make changes that will allow me to be happier, a belief that I have some level of control over my future.  I will boil this down to the most simple form:

I believe because the alternative is bleak, like the bare branches of the background of this tree.

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I need hope in my life. I need to be able to see the potential in a bleak situation and my belief helps me do that.

I will not give up on my youngest son.  I support him and believe he has a reasonable chance to be happy and productive in his adult life in spite of Autism.

I did not give up on my marriage when we were having difficulties.  It was very difficult at times, but I always believed that we could improve – and we did.  No – we’re not perfect but that wasn’t the goal.

I did not give up on my oldest son when he was depressed and anxious beyond what a 10ish year old should ever be.  I believed that he just needed help coping with the stress of having a special needs brother, help that I wasn’t able to provide myself because I also needed help.

I did not give up on myself when I reached an all time low and was eating frosting for the sugar high.  I believed that there was something better for me and that I just needed help to change my mindset to be more positive.

Had I not believed, I would be a divorced mom of two boys with constant worry that one would end up in jail and the other would engage in self-destructive behaviors to handle his stress.

Here are some thoughts from others:

13 thoughts on “Reason to Believe?”

  1. Well said – when faced with the alternative I think a lot of nonbelievers would find something bigger and greater to beleive in 🙂

    1. And then have that fail too because they didn’t do the hard work of maintaining belief. It can take a lot of work to believe in something sometimes.

    2. I just realized I misread your comment. Yes, I think that when a person is faced with apathy they MAY turn towards believing in “something bigger and greater to believe in.” I think this is what mid-life crisis is about! 🙂 But so many people give up on their current situation because they have not worked out how to believe it can work (marriage, job, or whatever). And in many cases they fail at that too. An example of marriage failure rates: 50% of 1st, 67% of 2nd, and 73% of 3rd.

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