Parent Judgement

I’m very sensitive to this, even when no one is judging me.

So, instead of getting my undies in a bunch about something I just overheard – I’m going to blog about it in an effort to get it off my chest.

GavelI just heard my cubicle neighbor, who is not a parent and never will be, talking on the phone with another person who is the parent of adult kids (you tend to forget problems after the kids leave).  I don’t make a habit of listening to conversations, but how can you not hear them in this type of environment?

I was shocked to hear something like this statement:

That’s a reflection on the parents … poor parenting.

I didn’t even hear the whole conversation, but hackles raised when I overheard those words.

Why?  I’m not entirely sure but I know that it has to do with the ample opportunities for others to judge me based on my highly functioning autistic child’s behavior.  See, people can’t look at him and know that he has a brain that is wired so different that certain things cause problems for him, resulting in bad behavior.

It is just not fair that we parents are always judged so harshly.

Rant over!

2 thoughts on “Parent Judgement”

  1. I always laugh when I hear people who have no kids judging parents about how they raise their kids. Where does that irreplaceable, experience come from? Do they think raising children is comparable to having pets? I could go on and on about it, but I have learned after raising 3 of my own, that the best practice is not to discuss anything about my kids with people who don’t have any. Shadow-parenting does no good and is akin to Monday-morning, quarterbacking.

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