© Illustgator / Dollar Photo Club
© Illustgator / Dollar Photo Club

When I’m Irritable

  • My kid grumps at me when I wake him up.
  • My cat pukes on the carpet.
  • My dog barks his head off at a squirrel.

When I’m Irritable

  • I get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle.
  • A police car decides to go the speed limit, thereby slowing everyone else down.
  • A car passes me on the right, just to get directly in front of me and take up my braking space.

When I’m Irritable

  • Some guy stomps up the stairs so violently the railing shakes.
  • The snack room has no diet Mtn Dew.
  • The lady in the center aisle cackles all day.

When I’m Irritable

  • I force myself to change my inner voice to accept minor irritation.
  • I think of all of the blessings in my life, usually small ones that add up quickly.
  • I find something to distract myself from the irritating things around me.

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