Left Out

Happy people surrounding a person feeling left out.Every week in staff meeting at work we take a few moments to thank team members.  Most of it is in the form of, “I thank X for helping me to finish Y on time” or “I thank G for helping me figure out what to do about Z.”  But once in awhile a team mate offers extra thanks in the form of “pride award points” that can be spent on gifts through our gift store, or even transitioned to real $$$ to spend on Amazon.com.

Yesterday several people who worked on a project that I was involved in received pride awards.  I didn’t get one.

I don’t expect recognition.  I like recognition though.

And when everyone else on the team gets recognized and I don’t – well – it makes me wonder why.

Was I forgotten?  I don’t like that idea.  I don’t need to be popular, but certainly don’t want to be forgotten.

Did I do something wrong?  If I did, I sure would like someone to share that with me so that I can learn from it.

Did I not put enough effort into it?

Why, why, why???  It makes me feel deflated, demotivated.

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