Daily Prompt: What is Funny???

In response to Daily Prompt: Too Soon? (re-posted)

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

Even in the worst situations there is a chance to find humor.  Even if it is humor used to lighten the mood.  And I always say to look for the positive in a situation.  Humor is positive.  But by golly, there are so many situations where one should tread with caution.  And the situations vary dramatically from person to person.

Off limits for me: death of a loved one.

I started the above SHORT list with several things in mind, but eliminated all but death of a loved one.  All of the remaining things I had in mind could be lumped into either physical trauma or emotional trauma.

Physical trauma – laughter helps the healing process and some accidents are funny after you’re over the initial shock.  And some medical problems come with laughable incidents / features.  So I took that one off the list.

Emotional trauma – same as physical trauma.  Laughter helps the healing process.  But this is where people need to tread lightly.  Enter with caution because our hurt emotions are much more volatile than any physical pain.  When we lighten up about our emotional hurts, we become more willing to learn something.  And that may cause us to laugh at a situation that we previously thought off limits.


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