I Wanna Be A …

In response to Daily Prompt: Back to School

If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?

Difficult choice.  Too many scenarios that fit “if this, then that.”   Here’s my top three choices, listed in order based on how many constraints there are – lower constraints & high desire on my part are listed first.  Higher constraints & lower desire on my part listed last.

#1 – Veterinarian

Jake & Sophie Nap Time
Jake & Sophie Nap Time

Not likely to happen at my age, but if someone wanted to foot the bill I would strongly consider it.  But unfortunately the education benefits at my current job will not cover vet school.  I love animals and this would be an emotionally rewarding career – yet emotionally difficult at times.  Another constraint is that I would give up some really good corporate benefits.  I earn a TON of vacation per year because I have been with my company for 17+ years.  I would likely work independently as a vet – so unpaid vacations.  I took the VIA Me Inventory of Strengths recently and this line of work would be a much better fit for me.  My top strength is love of learning, followed by kindness and love.

#2 – Psychology

This is a close 2nd choice – but again – my age and limited funds.  I am very interested in psychology, but would not appreciate the grunt work that it takes to get to where I would want to be in that line of work.  And then there’s the nastiness of losing all of those good corporate benefits I get right now.  This career would also take advantage of my strengths: love of learning, kindness, humility, love.

#3 – Instructional Technology

My BS is in Workforce Education & Technology and that is the line of work I am in now.  My MS is in Computer Information Systems – but is useless to me.  If I were feeling motivated to move to the next level in my current career (I know I’m not), it would be either another MS or a PhD in Instructional Technology.  And this is one that my current employer would at least partially fund.  This career takes advantage of my love of learning.  But none of my other top strengths come into play.  It is not the best fit for me, but I’m in my mid-40’s now and am not dissatisfied enough to make a major career change.

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