Daily Prompt: Fandom – Not I

Daily Prompt

I do not like sports.  I don’t like participating in sports and I don’t like watching sports.  I do find some aspects of attending sporting events attractive though.  In high school and part of college I was in marching band.  I loved marching band and the social aspect of cheering my team on to victory.  But the only way I knew when to cheer and when to boo was by the reactions of people around me.  Yes, I did learn a little about football, but never felt inclined to actually pay attention to the game.

In my adult life, the rare professional game I attend is for the social aspect of it.  I spend the majority of my time watching the crowd and chatting with the people I’m there with.  I have kids and neither of them are interested in sports.  That might be the only thing that would bring me to be more interested.


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