Daily Prompt: Keep Out

In response to Daily Prompt.

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

This is a difficult question for me.  Half of me wants my husband to keep out and half of me would love him to take an interest in what I have to say.  I started blogging during a difficult time in our relationship, as a way to work through my thoughts and emotions.  I took that blog down when I started this one, because I didn’t want any “real” people (the ones I have a face-to-face relationship with) to know any details.  I shared that blog with only 3 real people.

On this blog, I am intending to write for a broader audience and I have it set up to share to Facebook and Twitter when I post.  But that limits me in what “private” thoughts I can write about.  So – if I were the type of person to NOT sensor myself – I would want my hubby to keep out unless I had a post I specifically wanted to share with him.  And then I would be hurt if he didn’t take an interest!  😉


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