Motorcycle Fun

This weekend, Midwest Cafe Racing Association had an event at Gateway Motorsports Park just outside of St. Louis.  Hubby and I participated in the Test the Track part of the event on Saturday.  Riders run the track once in the morning and once in the afternoon in a private session. This group is chaperoned, speed restricted with a no-passing rule.  There is an experienced track guide as the lead bike and this person shows a good line through the curves.

The morning ride started out slow, even slower than I liked, but gradually increased in speed.  By the time we were done, we were going a perfect speed for me, but still too slow for hubby and our friends.  It seemed like the time flew by and suddenly it was time to quit the track.

The afternoon ride started out a bit more aggressive than where we left off on the morning ride.  By about the third lap there was a large gap between me and the bike ahead of me.  Hubby was behind me with camera rolling.  That was a good thing too, because it helped me to understand visually what I was doing wrong.  While riding, I could not figure out why I was going so wide at the end of a curve and everything I did to try to correct it just made it worse.  I think that it may be because I am not strong in math, especially geometry.  By the end of the afternoon session, I was ready to be off that track.  But I was also a little disappointed that I wouldn’t have a chance to immediately apply what I learned while we were discussing it right after the ride – and after viewing the video that evening.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day. Until the ride home – that is.  It started to sprinkle so we hightailed it out of there, only to meet the oncoming storm head on.  Of course, we did not don our rain gear that was safely packed in the trunk.  Here is a video of my drenched socks!

Here is a picture of my bike right after it passed track inspection.

Ninja 300 at Gateway Motorsports Park
Ninja 300 at Gateway Motorsports Park

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